The Yellow Pages United Mark Smith Scholarship


  Create an infographic for a chance to be awarded $2,500 toward your college tuition. DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: MAY 31, 2014. From the Internet to LED billboards, marketing isn't what it used to be. Submit an original infographic that shows how marketing has changed from your parents' generation to … [Read more...]

Yellow Pages United introduces BizYellow business web pages

BizYellow Logo

Yellow Pages United’s newest service helps keep our customers at the forefront of the latest technologies. We are pleased to announce, a service that gives Yellow Pages United customers their very own business page on the web. It’s easy to give your business a presence online gives every … [Read more...]

Yellow Pages United says “no” to telemarketing

Yellow Pages United Telemarketing

We occasionally hear from Yellow Pages United customers who have received telemarketing calls from other Yellow Pages directory companies. If you’ve ever received a telemarketing call from a Yellow Pages company, rest assured that the call was not made by anyone at Yellow Pages United. Telemarketing is not part of our … [Read more...]

The Yellow Pages “Walking Fingers”: The most famous symbol never trademarked.

Yellow Pages Walking Fingers Symbol

Nearly all of the most familiar symbols in the world belong solely to their respective companies, with the exception of one of the most well-known: the famous “Walking Fingers” symbol of the Yellow Pages. Surprisingly, neither the symbol nor the Yellow Pages name are protected by copyright or federal trademark … [Read more...]

Yellow Pages United offers online customer service.

Order Form Sign In

We are constantly searching for new ways to make it easier for our customers to get the most out of their Yellow Pages United relationship.  Now, in addition to calling on our customer service representatives when you need help, you have quick access to simple-to-use online account management tools and helpful … [Read more...]

How Yellow Pages United receives your listing information

Yellow Pages United Solicitation information

The listing information you see on Yellow Pages United order form — the name, address, phone number and yellow page heading is available to us through several sources, and we’d like for you to know more about how our information-gathering process works and how you can change your business listing information. Our … [Read more...]