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5 CRM Tools for Small Business

What do you do to get to know your customers better? If you’re not using a CRM tool, you may be missing out on huge revenue and growth opportunities for your business.

Depending on your unique business needs, a CRM (customer relationship management) tool can do anything from tracking sales leads to monitoring your business’ social media presence to integrating with email service providers. And while big names like Salesforce and Adobe provide powerful solutions, they’re costly and require a great deal of technical support.

This week, the Yellow Pages United staff take a look at a few tools designed to help small to medium-sized businesses deepen customer engagement and grow their businesses.

  • BPM’Online is a cloud-based service with a very user-friendly interface and a focus on visualizing the customer journey. This might be a good tool for you if you have a lengthy or complex sales cycle. Ranges from $17 to $50 a month, per user.
  • BaseCRM features task management, note keeping functionality and Base Voice, which allows you to dial customers from the CRM itself. It’s a sales-focused product, which differentiates it from some of the other tools here. Pricing ranges from $15 to $125 a month, per user.
  • Nutshell integrates with your company’s Google Apps and also has iOS and Android apps available. Intercompany collaboration and communication are the big values here. It’s got a friendly user interface and robust customer support, which makes this a very appealing service for newbies. Pricing is $15 per user per month, with no contract required.
  •‘s most powerful benefit is that its barebones version is free, a rarity in the landscape. Upgrading to get custom branding and integration with MailChimp and Quickbooks (amongst other features) will cost you $7 per user per month. It’s easy on the eyes and simple to use, and might be a good way for first-time CRM users to dip their toes into the space.
  • Nimble reimagines the view of a contact by integrating social listening data into a customer profile, so a business owner can get a full picture of their past dealings with a customer as well as get insights into how they might act in the future. If you’re interested in getting that extra bit of detail on your customers to better anticipate their needs, this might be the tool for you. $15 per month, per user.

All of the above CRM tools are cloud-based and offer free trials, so there’s almost no risk involved in experimenting with them. That said, however, a quick Google search will show that there are hundreds of solutions out there – all with variations on similar features – so make sure you know what your business needs before you start looking.

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