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5 Reasons to Customize Your BizYellow Page

A BizYellow web page can do much more than help Yellow Pages United subscribers’ businesses be more easily found online. It also has a range of great features and tools you can use to customize your page to promote your company and attract new business.

1. Manage your ratings and reviews.

People seeking products or services online trust the opinions of customers who’ve done business with you. Good reviews — or negative reviews that have been responded to and managed smartly — can make the difference when buyers are making a decision. With a BizYellow page, your customers can rate and review your business with just a click, and you can monitor and respond to their comments.

2. Create online coupons to offer deals to your customers.

The use of digital or e-coupons is on the rise and BizYellow makes it easy for you to take advantage of this trend. Right from your BizYellow dashboard, you can create and upload a coupon. You can also add an expiration date and optional tracking code, and editing or deleting your coupons is simple, too. With the social media feature on BizYellow, you can also spread the word by posting news of your coupon offer on Facebook or Twitter from your dashboard.

3. Display your business on Google Maps.

Every BizYellow page prominently displays a Google Map with your business pinpointed. Customers can zoom in on your location right from your page. Because your BizYellow page is mobile-friendly, customers on the go see your map displayed when they land on your page, helping to bring them right to your door.

4. Monitor your BizYellow page traffic.

On your BizYellow dashboard, you can view the traffic that’s coming to your page to see how well it’s performing. You can view the results for the past day, week, month or year. Keeping an eye on page traffic is a great way to gauge how coupons or other promotions affect the number of visitors to your page.

5. Upload photos and engage your customers.

Photos are one of the best ways to draw attention from online consumers. They can be a big factor in their decision-making as well, so take the time to regularly add images of your store, products and people to your BizYellow page. Additional features include the ability for visitors to your page to Tweet or like your image on Facebook. Uploading a photo is as simple as clicking to add it and giving it a caption. You can even crop and rotate your images with the touch of a button.

Customize your BizYellow page today.

Even if you have an existing web site, customizing your Yellow Pages United BizYellow page can increase your company’s reach online and make it easier for customers to do business with you. If you haven’t yet claimed your BizYellow page, get started today.

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