yellow pages united on the bio-drone

Bio-drones and Sustainable Recon

As you may know, Yellow Pages United is firmly committed to business practices that lessen our environmental footprint and protect valuable natural resources. Beginning this month, we’re sharing innovative sustainability efforts from around the world that we hope you find as inspirational as we have. This month it’s all about bio-drones.

Our military has been using drones in combat for years now, but civilian and recreational use has risen significantly as technological and price barriers have lowered. Now, with the ability to photograph and film locations from far overhead and great distances away via remote control, we’ve got vantage points we’ve never had before. Some are less intrusive (and terrifying) than others.

But as the number of uses for drones increases every day, so does the risk of drone-junk littering the landscape. Anticipating the need for a sustainable solution, NASA has partnered with a company called Ecovative Design to make an almost 100% bio-degradable drone body using fungal matter that until now was used for packaging materials. Even the circuits for the drone are printed using silver nano-particle ink. For now, the drone sensors and batteries still require the traditional materials, but the researchers are devising ways to fabricate those using eco-friendly materials now.

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