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BizYellow Benefits Small Business with Search Engine Optimized Web Pages

Nearly everyone with a website has heard of the new marketing trend of search engine optimization (SEO), but many small business are still questioning how best to implement it. SEO is a marketing strategy for increasing the exposure and rankings of a website on search engines’ results pages. SEO has been around for a number of years, but has gained momentum in the last five. A successful SEO strategy can benefit a website exponentially by drastically increasing its web traffic, but implementing an effective SEO strategy can be expensive and/or complex. Professional SEO firms may charge hefty monthly rates, while small businesses doing SEO themselves can fall short on results. This has left many small businesses on the outside looking in, but now sites such as are helping to bridge this gap by offering small businesses cost-effective SEO alternatives.

Professional SEO firms may charge hefty monthly rates, while small businesses doing SEO themselves can fall short on results., by Yellow Pages United, is a site that allows small businesses to build a separate site on its platform that is optimized for the search engines. These new sites can serve as a complement to a business’s existing site, or it can be the company’s main site. has SEO professionals on staff who design and edit BizYellow sites for maximum SEO performance. And it’s simple — all small business owners have to do is go to, fill in their company information, and submit it. technicians will then put together a highly optimized web page for them. Many of these web pages can climb the rankings to the first page of search results.

SEO techniques are all based on the algorithm that search engines use to rank websites. A number of the factors in this algorithm have to do with the actual coding and infrastructure of the website, something many small business owners know nothing about. Having a skilled technician optimize a business’s business page eliminates the need for a business owners to learn these techniques, and allows them to focus their efforts on other business-related activities. business pages also let business owners put a link back to their main websites. Having links to the sites’ page is another important factor in search engine algorithms, and a link from a site holds significant value. Because there are hundreds of factors involved with SEO, and their values are constantly fluctuating, it’s important to have SEO experts involved to achieve your online marketing goals.

Professional SEO companies charge hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every month. These significant fees are far beyond the range of most small businesses, which makes an affordable option since it’s completely free to all Yellow Pages United customers. When customers sign up with Yellow Pages United, their page is automatically created on They can then go online and fill in whatever information they would like to have displayed. These optimized pages are one of the most affordable and safest ways for a small business to begin reaping the benefits of an SEO strategy.

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