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Spotlight On: Rellaroo

With Yellow Pages United and BizYellow, the power is in your hands to customize your web page and reach new customers. In this feature, we focus on businesses that are making the most of everything BizYellow has to offer.

Today the spotlight is on Rellaroo, a technology integration and consulting company out of Katy, TX.

Rellaroo’s BizYellow page is a prime example of effectively putting BizYellow’s variety of tools to good use. They have done a fantastic job with their listing, and have managed to utilize almost every feature available to Yellow Pages United subscribers; making their page feel complete, and informative.

Here are some specific areas that we really liked:

  • Rellaroo have chosen to use their business logo as the Featured Image on the page. Not only is it a great looking logo, but placing the logo in this area helps immensely with brand identity.
  • They have also displayed a masterful use of the Keyword section on their page and seem to have included all areas of their expertise. This will help potential customers discover their BizYellow page on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Their About section is clearly written and does a great job to convey their mission statement without sounding too “techy” (no small feat for a technology company).
  • Nothing brings in the customers like a good deal, and Rellaroo have smartly included a coupon on their page. They have even included a tracking code (these guys are good)!
  • Near the bottom of the listing rests one of the slickest, most engaging videos we have seen on BizYellow to date. Informative, eye-popping and upbeat, this video has it all. Excellent job, Rellaroo!

With BizYellow, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. We’d like to congratulate Rellaroo on a job well done, and we look forward to seeing what other members of the BizYellow family can create!

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