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BizYellow Photo Updates: A Closer Look

Expedia Cruise Ship Centers BizYellow

Doesn’t BizYellow Customer Expedia Cruise Ship Centers’ Photo Make You Want to Set Sail?

As you may have seen in our latest update, BizYellow has added new features that open up a world of new marketing possibilities for your business. We’re especially excited about the enhancements we’ve made that will improve your photos.

With faster load times and a streamlined gallery, visitors to your page will have easier access to your photos. Our updated photo editing tools are more intuitive than ever. And now you can show off your work even better in the massive new display on your business page.

Why BizYellow Photos Matter

Let’s face it: words can only do so much in today’s world. High-quality pictures grab people’s attention and make them want to learn more about your business. Beautiful photos have the power to turn strangers into customers. Use the full capabilities of BizYellow to make emotional connections and draw them in. As a matter of fact, an ROI research report noted that 44% of people are likely to engage with a brand’s visual content. That’s more than any other type of content.

How To Pick The Best Photos for Your BizYellow Page

Here are some tips about making photos work for you on BizYellow:

  • Use good photos. Make sure they’re high-resolution and in focus. Blurry, pixelated photos look unprofessional and could drive users away.
  • Clearly show your product, building, etc. Save the abstract art for your portfolio.
  • Make sure the photos are relevant to your business. Funny cats might get some people to look, but the chances of them becoming customers are slim.

And, as always, contact us if you need help making your BizYellow page the best it can be!

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