Digital Coupon Use Grows Among Mobile Users

Smartphone Coupon

The economic downturn led to a sharp increase in the overall use of coupons, but the bigger story is the growing adoption of digital or e-coupons. According to a study by Juniper Research, mobile coupons in particular have a higher average redemption rate (10 percent) compared to traditional print coupons (one percent or less). In addition, Nielsen found that 36 percent of smartphone owners have redeemed a mobile coupon on their devices. These numbers point to a clear opportunity for businesses to take advantage of an easy way to attract more customers.

Why mobile coupons should be in your marketing mix.

With coupons that can be redeemed via tablet and mobile devices expected to increase by more than half over last year, they are predicted to top 10 billion in 2013, per Juniper Research. This is reason enough for business owners to offer mobile coupons, but there are more:

  • Opportunity. When searching for services or products on a mobile device, a coupon that catches a consumer’s attention while they’re actively shopping may be the deciding factor in choosing your business over your competitors’.

  • Convenience. Mobile coupons are convenient for customers, faster and easier to use than finding, cutting out and carrying around printed coupons.

  • Social sharing. You can promote the availability of your coupons on your social networks, and consumers can share the news of a great deal on their networks.

Traditional vs. digital coupons.

According to a study of more than two million shoppers by Knowledge Networks, printed coupons inserted into newspapers represent the majority (44 percent) of coupon redemptions, but digital coupons are clearly on the rise. Forty-six percent of those who redeemed digital coupons were first-time buyers of the offered product. Digital coupons are also drawing more new buyers than print coupons by 35 percent.

Yellow Pages United makes offering coupons easy for subscribers.

Yellow Pages United subscribers who’ve set up their BizYellow business web pages — available at no extra charge —can quickly offer coupons right from their BizYellow listing. In just minutes, you can create a coupon by entering a title and description, optional tracking code and expiration date. Coupons can quickly be edited or deleted, and you can even get the word out by posting news of your coupon offer on Facebook or Twitter from your BizYellow dashboard.

BizYellow pages are also optimized to rank higher in search engines and are mobile-friendly, so prospective customers are more likely to find your business and the information they need about it. Add the ability to offer digital coupons and your BizYellow page can become an important part of your marketing strategy.


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