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This week on the Yellow Pages United Blog, we’re launching a new monthly feature called “Mobile Trends,” where we’ll summarize news and commentary about tech and innovation that we think business owners like you should know about. So without further ado…

Square updated its Order app with arrival predictions, which means that businesses (right now it’s just for coffee shops in NYC and San Francisco) will more accurately know when you’ll be arriving to pick up your order. So, no more half-melted iced coffee or lukewarm lattés…as long as you don’t stop to talk to anyone on the street. And while Square Order is just for coffee shops right now, it’s easy to see how arrival prediction could spur the creation of innovative services in numerous industry verticals, including travel, hospitality and more.

And Facebook launched it’s Atlas platform, which will use Facebook data – rather than cookies – to deliver targeted advertising to millions and millions of people. As noted in Wired, cookies drive Google’s AdSense platform but don’t work on mobile devices, which could give Facebook a huge advantage in the mobile ad space. But, for an ad platform whose technology depends on knowing so much about the target audience, the test will be delivering a user experience that doesn’t come off as creepy.

Lastly, Benedict Evans writes about the inevitable death of the phone number as voice messaging proliferates across social networks. Aside from the business implications this has for phone carriers, what does this trend mean for businesses that need to adapt to their customers ever-changing communication preferences in order to stay relevant? Who in the millennial generation uses their phone to talk anymore unless it’s an emergency? The landscape is changing daily and it will be interesting to see what happens.

Stay tuned for more Mobile Trends!

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