Five Ways to Use YouTube For Marketing

Youtube Strategies

In order to grow your business, you have to market it. And while most people associate marketing with purchasing advertising, there’s numerous other mediums at your disposal to growing your brand. While most small businesses have figured out just how vital social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be on their bottom line, many don’t realize that YouTube can be just as effective. For instance, YouTube is owned by Google, so Internet searches are likely to yield YouTube videos, thereby increasing your exposure (tip No 1: If you’re making YouTube videos, always tag keywords!).

Like with anything, however, there’s a right and a wrong way to utilize the medium. Here’s a look at five ways to utilize YouTube:

  • Content: It’s estimated that 48 hours worth of video are uploaded to YouTube per minute. The key to getting your video watched is through top-notch content. Keep your videos short (less than three minutes), concise and interesting. For instance, video parodies are timely, topical and usually highly watched. Take PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” which recently became the most watched YouTube video of all time, for example. Piggybacking off its popularity, hundreds of parodies have popped up on the Internet. You could create a parody to this that’s based on your business.
  • Buy YouTube ads: YouTube ads are inexpensive (as low as 50 cents per click) and are a great way to increase your video’s hits.
  • Monitor Comments: It’s always good to have comments on your YouTube videos – they help engage people in discussion. While you should be active in the comments section, interacting with current and potential customers, it’s important that you remove any spam like comments to keep your interaction clean and on topic.
  • Customize your channel: Make sure that your company logo and any other pertinent company information is displayed on your channel page. Don’t pass on the opportunity to make your channel, well, yours.
  • Market your page: Your YouTube channel is going to be for not if nobody knows about it. And while you can snag viewers on the YouTube site itself, promote your channel on Facebook, over Twitter, on your business’ website and in any e-mail newsletters or catalogs to customers. Don’t be shy about letting people know when you’ve posted a new video.

As you can see, if done correctly, YouTube can be a very effective aspect of any company’s content marketing plan. So don’t be afraid to create your page and exercise your inner creativity today. A YouTube channel is easy and fun to maintain and can generate some positive return on investment for your business.


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