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How Yellow Pages United Receives Your Listing Information

The listing information you see on Yellow Pages United order form — the name, address, phone number and yellow page heading is available to us through several sources, and we’d like for you to know more about how our information-gathering process works and how you can change your business listing information.Yellow Pages United Solicitation information

Our information resources

Yellow Pages United receives the business listing information from large data providers. The data they gather and that we use comes from a number of sites with publicly available information. Here are just a few:

Government resources include several public information sites that list information about businesses. When a person registers for a business license, the information he or she provides is in the public domain where it can be accessed freely. Third-party data providers, such as those just mentioned, monitor these government sites and gather information about new businesses, then sell that data at a premium to various companies for use in marketing.

Telecommunications companies, which sell business phone line and Internet services, have relationships with some of these third-party data suppliers. Unless you’ve chosen to make your business phone line unlisted, which few business owners would choose to do, the information about you that’s associated with your line is available to data providers. If you’ve ever received a telemarketing call on a brand-new fax line, it could be that your new line appeared on a list purchased by a telemarketer directly from your telecommunications company.

Yellow Pages ads are another source of information for data providers. These companies may obtain every phone book in the U.S. in order to scan business listing information. Often, this listing will include Yellow Pages headings or categories that your business has been listed under in the past, when your ad first appeared in the Yellow Pages, and even how long you’ve been a Yellow Pages advertiser.

Online resources are an increasingly active arena for sharing data. With web products becoming more popular than ever before, data sharing among large business directory sites is now commonplace. So much so, in fact, that just a single entry you make on one site can, over time, appear on other sites.

How to change your Yellow Pages United listing information

If your Yellow Pages United order form has incorrect information about your business, and you don’t want a paid Enhanced Listing with Yellow Pages United or a business page on, simply contact our customer service representatives. They’ll be glad to help you have your listing removed from our sites, but keep in mind that this action won’t result in corrections made to the information that’s stored by the large data provider companies.

Yellow Pages United receives updated information from the data providers every month. Unless your information is changed by the data providers, your Yellow Pages United record will be overwritten with a new file each month.  However, as a courtesy, if you would like for us to remove your listing information from our database altogether,we will be happy to do so. If you have one of our paid Enhanced Listings, however, your record is in a much smaller, more easily controlled database, so it’s easier to update and maintain for our paid clients.

Yellow Pages United cares about our customers and their ability to change the information about their businesses that the large data provider companies supply. To change your information, the simplest thing to do is register with the following web sites, which are feeder sites maintained by the data providers. There are charges for these services, but they are relatively small.

Yellow Pages United is not affiliated with any of the companies linked above.

Once you’ve changed your information on these sites, the revised data will be sent to most of the data providers to be changed in the databases that each maintains. So when Yellow Pages United or another company uses this information, your data will appear correctly on both the order form and online. Please note that it may take up to six months for your changes to filter through all of the lists on which your business information appears.

While it can be an inconvenience to take the time to register with the feeder sites, the result is correct information about your business will soon filter to many of the print and online resources that Yellow Pages United doesn’t control.


Yellow Pages United is an independent online national directory publisher. Yellow Pages United  is not affiliated with any other Yellow Pages company that might be mentioned in this article and is not affiliated with AT&T or your local directory publisher.

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