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Spotlight On: Legends Sportsplex

Yellow Pages United and BizYellow gives you the power to customize your own web page and reach the right new customers for your business. In this feature, we focus on businesses that are making the most of everything BizYellow has to offer.

Today the spotlight is on Legends Sportsplex of the awesomely named Bourbonnais, IL.

Sports. Family. Fun. With three words, Legends lets us know what they do. It’s a tagline that’s elegant in its simplicity, and just in case that’s not enough, they offer up a mission statement: “Create an environment that is perfect for Family Activities, Team Sports, and Community Events.” Count us in!

At the top of the Legends Sportsplex BizYellow page, visitors are treated to a handsome logo and a photo of an utterly massive basketball facility. Hours of operation are clearly posted, with the added bonus of a phone number to call for holiday hours.

Legends has made excellent use of the keywords section, with plenty of activities that make us want to have our next office party in Bourbonnais. Video games, go-karts, and bumper cars all count as sports for us Internet folk.

Here’s a bit of an issue, though: While all those terms are in the keywords, they’re not explicitly stated on the page as services offered at Legends. We had to visit their website to discover that they do in fact offer these activities and more that aren’t even listed in the keywords, like miniature golf and batting cages. And let’s not forget pictures—basketball is the only sport, for Internet-folk or otherwise, represented in the photo section.

But we say that because Legends looks super-fun and we want to know more about it. For example, is it the type of place where I can show that smack-talker from accounting what Street Fighter is all about?

Legends Sportsplex has shown that with a competitive edge and keywords that make everyone want to leave the office and play some games right now, BizYellow can help your business make victory a touchdown, homerun, slam dunk, and shoryuken all wrapped up in one. We wish them years of success, fun with the family, and total domination on the go-kart track. We look forward to seeing what other members of the Yellow Pages United and BizYellow family can create.

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