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Love at Work + Things We’re Reading

We at Yellow Pages United hope the winter weather hasn’t been too much of an aggravation for you and your business this season. But just in case you find yourself braving the elements from the comforts of the indoors, here are a few interesting things we found around the web this week:

Over at Fast Company, they attempt to solve the enduring riddle of what employee engagement really means. Their heartwarming answer? Love.

Apple’s MO has always been disruption and metamorphosis. The iPhone put powerful, user-friendly computers in everyone’s pockets and made them a lifestyle brand. The iWatch will take that a step further and make them a healthcare brand. Now, with news of their foray into the automobile space, people are imagining how they’ll rethink a relatively unchanged industry and become a transportation brand.

And finally, sorry for the super meta blurb, but Adweek’s digital marketing stats of the week show us what 2015 will look like for how brands reach their customers. The takeaways? Embrace parody accounts, haters and babies. Which is pretty much always good advice.

Stay warm and have a great week! And remember, if you’d like to add a little love to your online advertising efforts, Yellow Pages United is here for you.


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