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Millennials + Your Business

As a business owner, you’re always looking for new audiences, and new ways to reach customers. According to a recent Nielsen study, a huge opportunity exists in mobile marketing to Millennials. Over 85% of Millennials and 86% of Gen Y own smartphones – and presumably use them to search for products and services they want.

So, what are some of they things you need to be doing to reach this emerging, important demographic? Here are three critical areas to focus on:

Have a Responsive Site for Your Business

With so many potential customers looking for you on their phones, it’s important that they can see content about your business in a format designed for smaller screens. Responsive design allows your website content to render in a user-friendly way across a wide-number of screen sizes, without the burden of maintaining a mobile version of your site or an app version. If you’re site isn’t currently responsive, contact a web designer that can help make it happen. Both Yellow Pages United and BizYellow pages are responsive, which means you never have to worry about mobile users missing you.

Devise a Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy

But today, your website isn’t enough to build and maintain an audience. The proliferation of smartphones has led to more and more people being online, and searching for things they need. That also means they’re engaging with businesses across a number of touchpoints, including email, blogs, video, and social media. Get to know your audience, find out which channels will make the biggest impact with them and put together a plan for how you’ll reach out to them. Which leads us into our last tip…

Create a Social Media Playbook 

Millennials spend a lot of time on their phones, and a lot of that is spent on social media. Each social platform – whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or others – has its own “code of conduct” and best practices for businesses. It’s important that you go into social media marketing with an authentic voice, valuable content, and most importantly, a reason for being there. When you share content on social media, think about who you’re talking to, why they should care, and what you want them to do. Your social media playbook should answer these questions in detail, so you or your staff can always behave in consistent and relevant ways. And BizYellow, from us at Yellow Pages United, has a few different social media platforms integrated into it, which makes it more convenient for busy people like you to connect your accounts and engage with your audiences.

If you have any questions about how we can broaden your reach and get your business found by more people online, get in touch!

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