Say Goodbye to AAAAA Auto Parts

What’s in a name? For a business, the name can contribute toward the company’s success or failure. A business’s name becomes part of its brand, helps to build customer recognition and sometimes assists customers in finding the company. In the past, business owners had to dig deep to come up with a creative name that drew and kept the attention of customers. Nowadays, branding and marketing companies are available to assist a new business in choosing the perfect name. But before business marketing grew to become what it is today, a small business stood a better chance of growing if its name put it near or at the top of the list.

  • At the Head of the Line. “A AABA Hot Water on the Spot” was sure to be one of the first companies called whenever someone had problems with their plumbing. The succession of A’s in the front of the name put the plumbing company near the top of the list. It’s likely “AAAB Birthday Bouncers” also received more calls than other party bouncer companies further back in the directory. Nowadays, a name like this simply doesn’t make sense.
  • The Purpose of Old-Fashioned Naming Techniques. Although marketing firms have been helping business for decades, the printed version of the Yellow Pages was often a small business’s best hope for drawing customers. The Yellow Pages provided a more economical solution to small businesses who wished to advertise but couldn’t afford to hire a marketing and advertising firm. The only problem with this method was the possibility of getting lost in a sea of other similar businesses. But businesses that began their name with AAAA or a similar variation were able to set themselves apart from the competition.
  • Times Have Changed. An attractive, catchy name that can easily show up in keyword searches is more beneficial to businesses these days. In the past, a yarn store might have been called AAA Yarn Shop. But nowadays Crazy Crochet Yarn Shop has a chance to show up every time someone searches with the word “crochet”.

In the past, a person looking for a restaurant that served pizza had to flip through the yellow pages and choose one from the directory list. Businesses with names that started with AAA or 123 benefitted by being at the top of the list because customers who had no desire to look through the entire list of pizza establishments might choose one of the first few listed. But the progression of technology has changed many things, including the way businesses are named. When making this important business decision, Yellow Pages United can be instrumental in helping to draw customers to your business by optimizing your online business listing by what makes your business unique and not just your name.  Goodbye AAAA companies, we will miss you.

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