Se Yeon Park Wins Yellow Pages United Mark Smith Scholarship!

Late last year, we announced the Spring 2016 Yellow Pages United Mark Smith Scholarship. In it, we asked college students to submit an original infographic showing the evolution of marketing from their parents’ generation to their own. After carefully reviewing hundreds of entries, we are proud to announce our winner! Congratulations to Se Yeon Park, an advertising major at the Savannah College of Art and Design, for bowling us over and making us think with “The History of Marketing.” Here’s what Se Yeon had to say about her piece:

“Since Generation X—our parents’ generation—marketing has changed in many ways. Traditional outbound marketing—newspaper, magazines, and radios—is going out of style. Inbound marketing, such as search engines, mobile media, and social networking, is the key to approaching customers.”

Even though we happen to be Generation Xers who still think of ourselves as too young for this type of retrospection, we were very impressed. Se Yeon demonstrates her concept by taking us on a decade-by-decade trip through the marketing styles and tactics used from the 1960s to today. She shows how direct marketing and the “creative revolution” of TV and print advertising developed into guerrilla marketing and then to the Internet and social media. And along the way, the clever use of pop culture symbols (AC/DC! Bart Simpson!) guides the viewer and adds a fun dose of perspective. Most impressively, Se Yeon illustrates how technology invented in the 1970s—namely, the personal computer, mobile phone, and online shopping—evolved to shape the world we know and love today. “Se Yeon has made a piece that shows how communication is truly an evolution,” said Mark Smith, founder and CEO of Yellow Pages United. “One small widget invented today could become the defining technology of the next generation.” Se Yeon’s work has earned her $2,000 toward her college tuition. We can’t wait to see her become part of the next creative revolution. Yellow-Pages-United-History-of-Marketing-Infographic

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