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Spotlight On: Chino Valley Smile Center

When we at Yellow Pages United think of Chino, we always think of the short-lived,  explosive ‘aughties drama, The OC, in which scrappy underdog Ryan struggles to be accepted by Orange County’s scandal-ridden upper crust. (Yeah, we’re big fans.) In the show, Chino wasn’t just Ryan’s hometown, but where he got his grit, his steely nerve, and his determination.

And while a trip to the dentist was (unfortunately) never a plot point in the show, Ryan did have great teeth. And we imagine that Ryan’s dental provider of choice would have been this month’s featured BizYellow business, Chino Valley Smile Center.

How Chino Valley Smile Center uses key BizYellow and Yellow Pages United features

Chino Valley Smile Center Lobby on Yellow Pages United

Chino Valley Smile Center has made great use of some key BizYellow features. First, they’ve shared photos of their nicely lit, welcoming office, which – like nice teeth – give off a good first impression. In their About section, they provide us with a clear, concise description of their mission and services offered. Finally, they’ve connected their very active Twitter account to BizYellow, which gives their social presence greater visibility to searchers and helps them connect with more potential customers.

We also see a couple of opportunities for Chino Valley Smile Center to make even more of their page. For instance, they’ve included a coupon in their photos, even though they can quickly create a coupon on BizYellow that’s more easily shareable via email and social channels. They could also utilize the custom content section and keywords to give us an even clearer picture of how they can keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Lastly, a video would be a great way to show off their well-kept office and happy customers to potential customers.

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Chino Valley is putting some real bite in their marketing with BizYellow and Yellow Pages United’s tools. We’d commend them with a plaque if it wasn’t kind of an inappropriate gift (and pun) for a dentist. We wish them great success and can’t wait to see what other members of the BizYellow family can create.

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