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Spotlight On: Chiropractic First

With BizYellow and Yellow Pages United, the power is in your hands to customize your web page and reach new customers. In this feature, we focus on businesses that are making the most of everything BizYellow has to offer.

Today the spotlight is on Chiropractic First, LLC, in Beaverton, OR.

No, we’re not just angling for free massages. Chiropractic First impressed us with their BizYellow page for a variety of reasons. First, they made excellent use of the all-important About section, not only explaining who they are but also how they can help. Additionally, the Custom Content section is used to build more credibility by discussing Dr. Huma’s efforts with UpRight Footwear, Inc.

Chiropractic First’s About and Custom Content sections wisely take steps toward humanizing their business by talking about the Drs. Pierce by name and exploring their individual specialties. They take this a step further in the Video section by including a video testimonial. This is the perfect type of advertising for a business of this type—proof that they help people feel better.

The Coupon section on the Chiropractic First BizYellow page is also put to good use. A free consultation is the perfect way to get that new customer’s foot in the door and start building a trusting relationship. And using a tracking code is an effective way to gauge how your customers are finding you.

As always, we can see some room for adjustment. Though we like meeting the Drs. Pierce and seeing their smiling faces, we’d also like to see more pictures of the facility and available treatment options. We could say that the coupon should include a free massage, but we’re just thinking about our next trip to Portland.

With BizYellow, you don’t have to waste your marketing efforts on empty posturing. We’ve got the tools to straighten you out. We’d like to congratulate Chiropractic First, LLC, for putting those tools to good use, and we look forward to seeing what other members of the BizYellow family can create.

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