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Spotlight On: Sea Engineering, Inc.

With BizYellow from Yellow Pages United, the power is in your hands to customize your web page and reach new customers. In this feature, we focus on businesses that are making the most of everything BizYellow has to offer.

Today the spotlight is on Sea Engineering, Inc., in Santa Cruz, CA.

We’ll admit it: Sea Engineering has an unfair advantage when it comes to grabbing our attention, because their business looks really cool.

They seem to be aware of that fact, because they packed their Photos section with more than 20 images. Importantly, those images show not only their finished work—and a diver giving the “hang loose” sign—but also examples of planning diagrams and electronic mapping tools. A visitor to their BizYellow page gets a thorough representation of what they can do just by clicking through the pictures.

Sea Engineering Yellow Pages United

After looking at the photos, most customers will certainly want to know more. Sea Engineering has them covered. Their About Us section is full of information, with detailed descriptions of every facet of their business, and the brief explanation of their qualifications at the beginning builds credibility and trust.

So what could make the Sea Engineering BizYellow page better? Well, maybe we just never got over when 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea closed down, but we’d love to see some video footage of the underwater workplace. We’re pretty sure potential customers would, too.

With BizYellow, you have the tools to reach new customers without a marketing budget leaving you underwater. We’d like to congratulate Sea Engineering, Inc., for putting those tools to good use, and we look forward to seeing what other members of the BizYellow family can create. Hang loose, everybody.


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