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Whether businesses accept it or not, mobile marketing is on the rise and they cannot afford to ignore it. More than 80% of Americans now have mobile phones, and 73% say its their #1 most-used technology device, according to the American Express Open Forum. Consumers take their phones with them everywhere, and missing the opportunity to be visible on these mobile devices can hurt your business. The Yellow Pages industry has recognized this opportunity and has begun integrating a variety of mobile marketing techniques.

Yellow Pages companies have had mobile apps for years now, but the recent rise in competition has spurred innovation. Features such as voice command and local deals are making the choice of mobile apps a difficult one. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with receiving discounts and deals on their mobile phones, and it is estimated that close to 70 million mobile coupons will be redeemed in 2013. The Yellow Pages industry recognizes this need, and provides significant value to its customers by allowing them to promote their businesses through their mobile apps. It can be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult for small businesses to develop mobile marketing strategies, but Yellow Pages mobile apps can help simplify this process.

The competition between the Yellow Pages mobile apps is heating up, and all of the apps are constantly pushing new, innovative updates out to their users. Some of the best new innovations are:

  • Turn-by-turn GPS navigation
  • Color-coded gas prices
  • Movie theatre showtimes, ticket sales, and trailers
  • Restaurant menu scanning for your favorite food

These Yellow Pages apps are gaining rapidly in popularity, and are creating significant value for users. One new Yellow Pages app even uses the camera of the phone as a lens to point out businesses that are around you. You simply activate the app, and then point the phone in any direction and it will show you what businesses are located nearby. This is a truly innovative feature, but other apps are not far behind. With the mobile market not predicted to slow anytime soon, the Yellow Pages industry is poised to be a major player. These apps have a major advantage over Google in that you can search by category and location, giving you only the results you want to see. When doing a Google search, you have to manually filter through the results to find what you are looking for. This saves time and energy, and is one of the main reasons these apps are building such a following.

However, one of the drawbacks of a mobile application is that consumers must first be made aware of the application and what it does and then download the app to their mobile devices. As a result, many other Yellow Pages companies have developed mobile-friendly sites instead of mobile apps to help encourage usership from mobile customers without the need to download an app. Google has reported that sites optimized for mobile devices result in higher conversions, and that visitors are more likely to revisit the site if it is optimized. Another 55% reported that a frustrating mobile experience with a website would hurt the perception of a brand. This report clearly shows the importance of having an optimized mobile site in the ever-changing mobile marketplace.  Yellow Pages United’s own was engineered with mobile computing in mind.  Almost half of the traffic received is from mobile devices.

“When faced with the option of a mobile app or creating a website that is optimized for mobile, we decided we could provide more value to our clients with a website that was optimized for mobile users.” – Mark Smith, Owner – BizYellow.

Whether you prefer an app or a mobile-friendly website, you can be assured that as the mobile market continues to grow and progress, you can expect the Yellow Pages industry to be at the forefront of these innovations.  Click the link to read more about Yellow Pages United’s mobile sites.


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