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Yellow Pages United Announces Spring 2017 Scholarship Winner

For several years now, we at Yellow Pages United have held regular contests for the Mark Smith Scholarship, asking applicants to submit an original infographic showing the evolution of marketing from their parents’ generation to their own. Today we are happy to announce the winner of the spring 2017 scholarship: Diego Casillas of Boise State University!

Diego’s infographic, “Marketing Over the Decades,” shows how marketing tactics have changed alongside the public’s media consumption habits. He smartly does this by using an imagined brand, “Bella,” to illustrate specific points in the timeline—from the irreverence of ’60s TV advertising to the app-centric world we live in now.

I decided to include Bella in my infographic to really showcase what a company might go through as the world changes, and to help the infographic feel a little more human than just a timeline, statistics and icons,” Diego said.

Along the way, he shows how magazines and newspapers lost ad revenue to TV, which in turn lost revenue to the Internet. He reminds us how the VCR nurtured our unquenchable thirst for skipping commercials. We see how developments like cable TV enabled the global advertising now so commonplace online—and that Ted Turner’s master plan involved more than just forcing everyone to watch terrible Braves games.

We were really impressed at Diego’s ability to translate marketing and advertising datapoints into a fundamentally relatable story,” said Mark Smith, founder and CEO of Yellow Pages United. “It also reminds us that our priority should always be connecting with our audiences in meaningful ways.”

Diego will receive $2,000 toward his tuition for his fine work. We wish him the best, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for Bella.

You can view Diego’s entry here.

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