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Yellow Pages United Awards Fall 2016 Scholarship

Back in April, we announced the Fall 2016 Yellow Pages United Mark Smith Scholarship. In it, we asked college students to submit an original infographic showing the evolution of marketing from their parents’ generation to their own. After carefully reviewing hundreds of entries, we are proud to announce our winner! Congratulations to Leah Radetsky, a graphic design major at the Savannah College of Art and Design, for blowing our minds (and making us feel old) with “The Evolution of Advertising & Marketing: The Eighties vs. Today.”

“With unbelievable strides in technology, marketing in 2016 is sleek, refined, and a bit sneaky. … It becomes apparent that marketing has absorbed our daily lives through social media/the Internet. Everything is an adit just is not as obvious as it used to be,” Radetsky said.

Radetsky’s infographic uses two columns to compare how our old 1980s favorites have evolved into the marketing standards of the new millennium. For example, the advent of the personal computer eventually led to personalized ads on personal electronic devices (this time it’s personal). We can thank the success of Home Shopping Network, QVC, and Ron Popeil for Amazon. We can blame MTV for that iPhone virus from U2.

Radetsky has expertly shown that while the media may change forms, marketers are always continuing to hone their craft.

She also said, “It is interesting and a bit humorous to study the fluorescent, generic, loud advertisements of the 80s,” to which our response was an invitation to get off our lawn.

“Leah’s piece is a wonderful illustration of how marketing can adapt to fit the times,” said Mark Smith, founder and CEO of Yellow Pages United. “And a reminder that new technology brings with it a host of dilemmas and opportunities.”

Radetsky’s work has earned her $2,000 toward her college tuition. We’re excited to see her work in the next phase of evolution for advertising and marketing.

5 thoughts on “Yellow Pages United Awards Fall 2016 Scholarship

  1. I found this scholarship on, and it claimed that this Scholarship’s deadline wasn’t until December 18th. I was sad to see that this scholarship was already closed for the year. There wouldn’t be anyway I could be involved is there? I am very interested in this scholarship because it is unique and tests a person’s marketing creativity.

    • Hi Sydney,

      The Spring 2017 scholarship should be open on Friday, October 21st 2016 and will run until Friday, December 23rd 2016.

      Please check back on Friday and the scholarship should be open by then.

      Many thanks!

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