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Yellow Pages United Mobile Friendly

With mobile marketing becoming a more dominant force in the marketplace, developing a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever. Some sources predict that mobile users will overtake fixed internet users by 2014. While all experts may not agree, the mobile market is booming and most businesses can’t afford to miss out on this trend. Developing effective mobile-friendly websites can boost a company’s sales and user engagement. A recent study by Google reports that users are 67% more likely to buy from a site if it is mobile-friendly. While the choice to implement a mobile-friendly website may seem like an easy decision, doing so takes careful planning and integration. BizYellow by Yellow Pages United is a great example of an effective mobile-friendly website.

BizYellow provides businesses with a custom business web page directly on its site. These sites are great for both businesses that do not already have a business web page and those that do. These custom sites are designed to connect customers with businesses directly through the phone, social media, or another web page if a business already has one. Businesses can upload pictures, provide a description of their services, and offer coupons on their BizYellow business page. They are all mobile-friendly and available free to Yellow Pages United customers.

Designing an effective mobile site should take into account some of the most important actions users would like to take on a mobile site. BizYellow was designed with this concept in mind and includes a majority of the most common actionable requests. According to Google, the top six actions users like to take on mobile websites are:

  1. Getting information on locations or operating hours, 76%
  2. “Click to Call” the business, 61%
  3. Send the business an email, 54%
  4. Download an app, 53%
  5. Connect to the company’s social networking page, 48%
  6. Play a video clip, 41%

BizYellow has all of these features with the exception of a downloadable app, but more than makes up for it with its mobile-friendly website. Statistics suggest that a company should have its location and operating hours clearly visible or accessible within one to two clicks from the home page. Google also reported that users expect sites to load in under five seconds, after which sites can begin losing traffic. Difficult-to-find information and slow loading pages can frustrate visitors, and 55% of users reported that a frustrating experience with a website would hurt their perception of the company’s brand.

These statistics present somewhat of a catch-22 for many businesses. Developing and implementing a great mobile-friendly website can be very time-consuming and expensive, while building a cheap mobile website may turn away customers. With BizYellow, business owners can build their mobile-friendly page directly on BizYellow’s platform, and receive almost all of the actionable requests users are looking for. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to harness the benefits of mobile marketing without incurring a significant financial burden.


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