Yellow Pages United Offers Online Customer Service

We are constantly searching for new ways to make it easier for our customers to get the most out of their Yellow Pages United relationship.  Now, in addition to calling on our customer service representatives when you need help, you have quick access to simple-to-use online account management tools and helpful information.

Yellow Pages United Online Customer Service.

Our simplified online customer service tools give you order form and invoice options where you can start a new account or make changes to your existing account such as listing or billing changes.  If you have an invoice you can also make a payment using a credit card and much more.  Below is a complete list of the options available to you at Yellow Pages United online customer service.

Order form options let you:

·      Create your account
·      Read frequently asked questions
·      Be added to the Do Not Mail list
·      Learn more about the order form and our process

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Yellow Pages United invoice options allow you to:

·      Quickly make a payment on Yellow Pages United’s secure servers
·      Update your listing and customer account information
·      Request a copy of your signed order form
·      Be added to the Do Not Mail list
·      Cancel your account if your balance is new*
·      Learn more about your invoice and our process

*If you have a past-due balance, please contact customer service at 1-866-355-6101

Yellow Pages United Invoice Sign In

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It’s easy to get started.

With just your reference or invoice number and zip code, you can take advantage of our online customer service tool right away. If you need help or have any questions, please contact our customer service representatives, who are available Monday thru Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST.

We hope you’ll enjoy the convenience of your new Yellow Pages United online tools.


Yellow Pages United is an independent online national directory publisher. Yellow Pages United  is not affiliated with any other Yellow Pages company that might be mentioned in this article and is not affiliated with AT&T or your local directory publisher.

2 thoughts on “Yellow Pages United Offers Online Customer Service

  1. I am not, nor will I become a subscriber listing my company on your site. However, your company has my PERSONAL telephone number listed as my BUSINESS telephone number. I have searched for ways to update the listing you created without my permission to no avail without subscribing for your services.

    You have me listed as Medallion Home Inspections 6745 Kinnity Court Cumming GA 30040-5793 with business telephone number 678-482-7262. This is not correct.

    The correct information should be Medallion Inspections, 6745 Kinnity Court, Cumming GA 30040-5793 with business telephone number 678-369-6830. This is correct.

    Please adjust the listing if you insist on keeping it.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks for the heads up and we apologize for any inconvenience.

      It appears that the listing you are referring to is a general listing. Information regarding Yellow Pages United’s general listings can be found in the FAQ section of the Yellow Pages United website:

      General Listings are described in this section as follows:
      “Yellow Pages United receives its General Listing business information from public records databases that are supplied by various large data providers across the country. If your general listing is incorrect on, you can update it by subscribing with us. If you aren’t interested in all the benefits of a Yellow Pages United subscription, which includes a BizYellow Business page at no additional cost, you can request to be removed from our general listings.”

      We have gone ahead and removed the incorrect listing for you. Thanks again for your comment!

      ~Yellow Pages United

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