Marketing infographic for Yellow Pages United's 2017 Fall Scholarship

Announcing Yellow Pages United’s 2017 Fall Scholarship Winner

Yellow Pages United today announced the winner of its fall 2017 Mark Smith Scholarship. Gabrielle Jarmoszko of University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee will receive $2,000 toward her tuition.

Once again, applicants were asked to submit an original infographic showing the evolution of marketing from their parents’ generation to their own.

Jarmoszko’s infographic, “Marketing: Then Vs. Now,” highlights the major differences between Internet-based marketing trends of today and classic advertising modes of last century. “Utilizing stark color contrasts and easily-readable fonts, this infographic exemplifies how advertising has changed from then to now,” Jarmoszko said.

Marketing infographic for Yellow Pages United's 2017 Fall Scholarship

Winning Entry in Yellow Pages United’s 2017 Fall Scholarship

She focuses on the comparative reach of advertising in these eras, and the money spent to obtain that reach. Additionally, we see how social media and email have created a deluge of marketing that affects the modern consumer, and how the consumer can navigate it. While the average U.S. citizen today is exposed to 2,000 more advertisements on a daily basis than a citizen in the 1970s, nine out of ten Internet users research a product online before making a purchase.

Nobody’s saying we’re smarter than we were in the ’70s—”The Pina Colada Song” is popular again, after all—but we’re probably making more well-informed purchases. And with email marketing making $44 per $1 spent, companies seem to be making wiser marketing decisions as well.

“Gabrielle has created an attractive, easy-to-read infographic that emphasizes the impact of the Internet on today’s marketing world,” said Mark Smith, founder and CEO of Yellow Pages United. “It also shows that there are benefits for all, with businesses being able to target specific customers, and those customers having access to information their parents only dreamed about.”

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