Yellow Pages United Scholarship Winner_Spring 2018

Announcing Yellow Pages United’s 2018 Spring Scholarship Winner

For several years now, we at Yellow Pages United have held regular contests for the Mark Smith Scholarship, asking applicants to submit an original infographic showing the evolution of marketing from their parents’ generation to their own. Today we are happy to announce the winner of the spring 2018 scholarship: Olivia Kwiatkowski of the Pratt Institute!

Yellow Pages United Scholarship Winner

Winning Entry in Yellow Pages United’s 2018 Spring Scholarship


Olivia’s infographic, “Times Have Changed: The Evolution of Marketing and Advertising,” shows the obvious story about advertising dollars shifting from television to the internet over the last 20 years. But Olivia, citing a large generation gap between her and her parents, cleverly frames her infographic as a conversation between an older parent and his young whippersnapper of a child. The sides of the conversation mirror each other point by point, and thankfully avoid making too much fun of us old folk for yelling at clouds.

While previous generations trusted what they saw on television to be true and important (suckers!), millennials tend to refer to blogs and social media to filter their information through their peers. The subliminal messages of 1957 might not fly in a world where trust in advertisers is lower than ever and a one-star review is just a click away.

“We love how Olivia illuminates the way modern technology has, somewhat paradoxically, increased the value of human connection in our society,” said Mark Smith, founder and CEO of Yellow Pages United. “Today’s most successful advertising doesn’t just shout slogans—it respects its audience as active participants in their world.”

Olivia will receive $2,000 toward her tuition for her excellent infographic. We look forward to seeing how she continues this conversation in the future.

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