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Spotlight On: Natural Bodyz Fitness

With BizYellow from Yellow Pages United, the power is in your hands to customize your web page and reach new customers. In this feature, we focus on businesses that are making the most of everything BizYellow has to offer.

Today the spotlight is on Natural Bodyz Fitness of Virginia Beach, VA.

The Natural Bodyz page lures in visitors immediately with its well-designed, professional-looking logo. Then the simplicity of the Hours of Operation assures them that this place is no joke:

OPEN 24/7

What time is it right now? Don’t answer; it doesn’t matter. You can go work out at Natural Bodyz right now. That’s what they call flexibility.

The About Us section is full of useful information written in a friendly tone that won’t intimidate the novice who doesn’t know the difference between isometric, isokinetic, and isotonic exercise (like us).

But then comes the muscle. Natural Bodyz let their Custom Content section, which they’ve renamed “Amenities,” do the heavy lifting. In-depth descriptions of their training programs and equipment are sure to get the reader pumped about the possibilities, from bootcamp to dancing to weight training. Oh, and movies!

The TV spot at the bottom of the page is the marketing equivalent of an all-in-one home gym. It has a video tour of the facilities. It has trainers describing the equipment and services. It even has customer testimonials.


The only improvement we’d like to see on the Natural Bodyz BizYellow page—and we’ll admit this is a stretch—is more photos of the facilities. While the video tour is impressive and thorough, video can be a sticking point for some customers. (Not all of us get paid to spend all day on the Internet.)

Natural Bodyz Fitness has pumped up their online marketing to the max. We’d like to congratulate them on giving BizYellow a workout, and we look forward to seeing what other members of the BizYellow family can create.

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