Winning Entry in Yellow Pages United’s 2019 Fall Scholarship

As is our tradition, we at Yellow Pages United hold regular contests for the Mark Smith Scholarship, asking applicants to submit an original infographic showing how marketing has evolved through the decades. Today we are happy to announce the winner of the fall 2019 scholarship: Miranda Fring of SCHOOL!

Miranda’s infographic, “The Advertising Evolution,” displays how advertising campaigns through the years have reflected the decades that birthed them. As an added wrinkle, she explores this concept via the voyage of a single advertising titan: Coca-Cola.

Miranda writes, “Coca-Cola has always been ahead of the game in regards to their marketing methods. Beginning with magazine advertisements used in the seventies, I then searched for ads from each decade following. I chose to use pictures that summarize the core of marketing and advertising during those time periods and depict the evolution accurately.”

From the simple graphics and slogans of the 1970s, to the neon excess of the 1980s, the ubiquitous celebrity endorsements of the 1990s, the digital revolution of the 2000s, and the current 2010s trend of social awareness in branding, Miranda walks us through one company’s successful navigation of changing times. While we lament the missed opportunity to include their 1906 slogan—no joke, “The Great National Temperance Beverage”—we (and Coca-Cola) are grateful that she avoids a detour into New Coke territory.

Image of Yellow Pages United Fall 2019 Scholarship Winning Entry
Miranda Fling’s entry wins Yellow Pages United’s Fall 2019 Scholarship

“Miranda’s decision to tackle this challenge through the lens of one company—one that has arguably done more than any other to define popular marketing as we know it—is ingenious,” said Mark Smith, founder and CEO of Yellow Pages United. “It’s the first submission of its kind, and a deserving winner.”

Miranda will receive $2,000 toward her tuition for her enlightening infographic. We look forward to seeing what she has to say about future decades, even if it’s not brand-specific.

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