Yellow Pages Opt-in

Yellow Pages Directories: Opt-In vs Opt-Out

The movements of various environmentally-conscious organizations nationwide have provided a great deal of benefit to our environment and our communities. Often some of the simplest ways to promote going green are the ones that people overlook or are not aware of. A recent green networking event held in Huntington, New York found several attendees expressing their concern over the fact that they continued to receive printed telephone directories when they would have preferred not to. While most of the attendees were in agreement that they’d prefer not to receive a paper directory only to place it immediately in the recycling bin, very few were aware that they had the choice to opt out of home delivery by going online.

Yellow Pages Opt-in

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, legislators in San Francisco, California recently passed legislation requiring local residents and businesses to opt-in to receive a print version of a yellow pages directory. The three-year pilot program took effect on May 1, 2012 and its implementation is expected to help the Bay area reduce its paper waste by seven million pounds per year, saving taxpayers an estimated $1 million per year. The ordinance is the first of its kind in the country. The Bay area Board of Supervisors President has asserted that the recent legislation is by no means a ban against yellow pages print directories, but merely an effort to decrease paper waste and increase environmental awareness.

All eyes are on the new legislation as other jurisdictions, such as Seattle and Maryland, consider similar ordinances in an effort to increase their green efforts. In the midst of it all, yellow pages companies including Yellow Pages United have taken notice of these actions as well as the increase in consumers’ desire to go green and have responded accordingly by providing green alternatives to paper directories.

The increased use of mobile devices and internet directories has also contributed toward the declining use of traditional print directories. Yellow Pages United has worked to encourage the more environmentally-conscious practices of consumers by providing online alternatives to finding local businesses and business information. Our goal is to continue providing an excellent service that helps consumers connect with local businesses, while also reducing the carbon footprints created through the use of print directories.

Yellow Pages United provide consumers with online business listings, including the ability to read customer reviews and rate their business being listed. As the yellow pages industry and legislators across the country continue to work toward increasing green practices in regards to print directories, more consumers and businesses will become aware of the choice to opt in or opt out of receiving a paper directory. The waste eliminated by reducing the number of unwanted and unused print directories delivered to homes and businesses will directly benefit us all.


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