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Yellow Pages United – BizYellow Tutorial Video #1

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You may think that creating a new website is next to impossible or that it will cost you hundreds of dollars to get the website you want. This is a fallacy that we can quickly dispel. Yellow Pages United can help you create your own website quickly, easily and without a lot of tech know-how.

You’ll need two things to get started, your telephone number and your Yellow Pages United account number. This number is not hard to find, you’ll find it on your monthly statement. First, enter your telephone number and use the “Find Your Business” button. Once you’ve done this, you can simply use the “Click to Claim” button to get your confirmation page. Using the last three numbers from your account number, simply “Take Ownership”, enter your first and last name, an email address and decide on a password. Once this is accomplished, you now have access to the wealth of features of your Yellow Pages United – BizYellow account.

You can learn how to do this step by step by reviewing the following video:


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