Yellow Pages United_BizYellow Tutorial 4

Yellow Pages United – BizYellow Tutorial Video # 4


Every business owner would agree that feedback from your customers is of utmost importance when running a business. This is why BizYellow business listings allows consumers to leave reviews of your business directly on your business page. These reviews leave performance feedback, and can often build credibility for your business. As a business owner, you can reply directly to these reviews and it will show up under their review on your business page.

It some rare instances, people have abused the review system, and left malicious or profane reviews. If this is the case, all the business owner has to do is click the “request removal” button and our editorial staff will use their discretion on whether or not the ad needs to be removed. All requests are answered within 48 hrs.

Reviews give consumers confidence in your product or service, and are essential to business these days. Learn more about BizYellow review features in the video shown below.

Yellow Pages United -BizYellow Tutorial Video 4

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